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Home Preparations for the Blessed Month of Ramadan 2022

Posted by admin on April 1, 2022

Utmost homes in Pakistan begin cleaning, cooking, and shopping for Ramadan in Sha’ ban so they can welcome the blessed month with plenitude of time to spare. Still, if your busy schedule has kept you from taking care of the ménage chores in advance, then are three things that you can do to prepare your home for Ramadan in 2022.

The first of these is cleaning your home from top to bottom. The cleaning isn’t just done in honour of the blessed month, but also for the forthcoming fests of Eid. Next over on your list should be grazing your closet and your home for all the rudiments that you’ll need during Ramadan so that you can concentrate utmost of your time on prayers and soul-searching. This includes shopping for Eid as well. Incipiently, since you probably want to spend the maximum time reading Quran and soliciting, try to half cook and indurate any comestible particulars that have a longer fix time and freezer life.

Now, let’s take a look at each of these remedies in further detail below.


Fasting is Like Spring Cleaning

While Fasting Will Spring Clean Your Body, Your Home Needs a Cleanup Too. Call it decluttering, spring-cleaning, or pre-Eid cleaning, but the result is the same. A further systematized, less cluttered, and cleaner living space. Some say that a cleanser terrain helps you concentrate more on your prayers. While that may or may not be the case, it’s a fact that organised surroundings do ameliorate your attention, be that on prayers or your work.

Decluttering the house over a weekend is easy, but when you’re formerly low on energy situations during Ramadan, this undone task will come back to resort you. Here’s how to go about it and prepare your home for Ramadan.

GENERAL Cleaning

Long Broom for Cobwebs

Use a Long Broom to Remove Cobwebs

General day-to-day drawing conditioning similar as dusting, sweeping, mopping the bottoms, and doing the laundry are some effects that can fluently be taken care of a many days before Eid. What you need to pay special attention to right now are the hard-to-reach places, similar as cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling, gaps between heavy cabinetwork and the wall, where dirt accumulates over time, clearing out the space under your bed, drawing all the inner walls with a adulatory rag and water, and wiping down all doors, windows, gates and other openings of the house. Don’t forget to clean the top of your ceiling suckers, light institutions, and ACs as well.

Cleaning EACH ROOM

As you clean the walls of each room, tidy it up overall. Choose your bed sheets for Eid and decide whether your restroom pen stocks need a thorough cleaning, whether your closet needs to be re-stocked or organised, and whether your living room needs a new look for the forthcoming fests. Cover each room as you go and mark it done’on your internal roster.

Now, you may wonder why you’re doing all of this for Eid when you might not get numerous guests. Although numerous of us are still following social distancing guidelines as well as other SOP’s to help avoid coronavirus, it’s important to remember that Eid fests are about celebrating the day with the family and loved ones. Thus, you need to keep the cheery spirits high by getting dressed up and decorating the home for the day, just like you do every time.



Perform as Numerous DIY Repairs as You Can

It’s generally delicate to get technicians to come over during Ramadan. So, what you can do rather is to assess all the critical repairs that are needed in your house during the clean-up. Once you know what needs fixing, figure out DIY form options, similar as DIY plumbing repairs to do on your own. Fix what you can, and make sure to call a professional as beforehand as possible so your house can look perfect in time for Eid.


Every time, shopping promenades all over Pakistan get crowded right before Ramadan and remain that way until the night before Eid. Requests also stay open late into the night to feed to eager guests. Nearly every store features products on trade, and the atmosphere is vibrant.

Nonetheless, if you don’t have the time or energy to comb the requests for that perfect dress and matching lavalieres, you may want to conclude for shopping online as numerous brands and retail outlets tend to offer abatements, deals, as well as free delivery services.

Still, it’s stylish to complete the following shopping beforehand, If you ’re preparing your home for Ramadan.



No Iftaar is Complete Without Dates, Fried Food Particulars and Flavoured Drinks. Stock up on all the essential grocery particulars and foods that you’ll be consuming in Ramadan. This includes non-perishable goods only. From canvas, sugar, rice, and flour to packets of custard, jellies, vermicelli, and anything additional demanded during Ramadan; buy what you need in bulk before the month begins.

Utmost homes in Pakistan also consume flavoured drinks for iftar to compensate for the lack of water consumption during the day. They could be carbonated drinks, liquid flavourings, or pulverized flavourings of colorful gooey flavours. Don’t forget to buy dates for iftar as well.


With Eid being just a month down, everyone wants to have new clothes to wear on the occasion. Away from new clothes, children generally demand new shoes, lavalieres, and henna to celebrate the festival. However, shop online for what you can, If you aren’t suitable to visit the requests during Ramadan.


Samosa Wastes

Samosas Can Be Made and Firmed in Advance Along With Several Other Fried Goods

Once you have grazed up your closet, now’s the time to make some of the further time-consuming food particulars in advance. You can prepare samosas, rolls, kababs, and other fried particulars in advance and indurate them well before the month begins. While eating healthy during Ramadan is recommended, we all love those fried delicacies at iftaar, and indeed with a healthy diet plan, you can incorporate some of these foods on your cheat days.

You can fluently prepare your home for Ramadan using these tips to lessen your workload during fasting and spend utmost of your time in prayers once the month begins, seeking remission and nearness of the Almighty and soliciting for better times in the near future.

Ramadan Mubarak!

This brings us to the end of our companion on how to prepare your home for Ramadan in 2022. Stay connected to BLUE JAY Blog to learn further about Ramadan and Eid fests in Pakistan. Also, feel free to partake your commentary and queries with us by dropping an dispatch at

Team BLUE JAY wishes you a blessed month of Ramadan and a happy Eid!

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